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Electroluminescence tester - Ecolab EL HR

Test your module with automatic electroluminescence equipment

Electroluminescence machineThe Ecolab EL HR is a station that performs the electroluminescence test of the pv module. This machine expresses Ecoprogetti’s philosophy in promoting the research of new solutions and technologies to improve the quality of the product.

This machine permits the user to perform a deep extensive control of the PV module production, permitting continuously to improve the assembly process based on the raw material in use.

Ecolab EL HR is developed as a quality control instrument that offers to the user the maximum possible resolution that allows a deep quality research. Moreover, with the assistance of adapters it’s possible to test single solar cells or strings not yet laminated in order to make even more usable this new technology.


Principle of operation

The idea is to revers the working of the solar cells. Normally the cell produce power when exposed to the sun. So in the electroluminescence the machine supply power to the cell (current) and the cell produce light like a LED. The light emmited is a NIR emmision. So using a specia camera is possible to check the solar cells looking in deep the structure of the silicon. 


Electroluminescence tester softwareThe result of the electroluminescence test is a image that permit to understand where the cell is working or not.
The image permit also to understand the origin of the problem. This permit to optimize the production process or understand in with step the problem come out.



Height 930mm
Width 1950mm
Length 2800
Weight 300kg


Function requirements:

Electrical 400V 3P+N+G
Peak power 2.5 kW
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Compressed air 6Bar

Electroluminescence imageElectroluminescence image

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